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CENDRILLON label etiquette Cendrillon

the presentation of the works of the "trio" :

-The 'PIERRAVIN', to keep your bottles cool, made by Pieter Hoefman.

-The vintage 'CENDRILLON' of the wine grower FrançoisPlouzeau.

- The 'PIERRAVIN' logo and 'CENDRILLON' label, drawn by Bertrand Bataille.

" The Richelieu Wine Fair "

three artists for a product
Nouvelle République 03/07/2001





Working together for 'Cendrillon'
"Bringing together 3 friends and 3 talents"

Few days before the wine fair at Richelieu (the 8th of July) they were 3 to create the event wich will, on that day, enable to promote the local patrimony."Cendrillon" is a 2000 Sauvignon special vintage from GarelièreVineyard in Razines [...]. The new born wine is an example of the artistic way to give birth to a wine, present it and preserve it.

Three artists brought their talents together for this creation. In the first place, François Plouzeau, the alchimist [who created the vintage]. [Then] Bertrand Bataille, who designed the label of the vintage. He made it in watercolours, giving it liquidity, softness and poetry[...]

Pieter Hoefman is well known in Richelieu. The Netherlands-born sculptor who knows so well how to combine the grain of the stone and the light, conceived a "Pierravin", with ability and sensibility, an example of humour and freshness, wich will keep your wine cold. The three artists will show their work on July 8th in the cellars of the Cardinal's Castle.

'PIERRAVIN' presentation during the Chinon Wine Fair, april 2004

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